Anant Engineering Works

Rubber Extruder

We provide Rubber Extruder that is fabricated by us using high grade raw materials. The 'Anant' make Rubber Extruders are provided with Own Make built in standard gear-boxes i.e. Elecon/ Shanthi / & Greaves as well as type reduction gear-boxes. Our Rubber Extruders are highly efficient as well as durable.

  • Gear Box : Graded C.I. Casting housing for various sizes have hollow output spindles. These Spindles are located in two heavy-duty ball bearings, one spherical roller thrust bearing, and three pieces thrust bearing that allows pre loading of the main bearing.
  • Gears : Tempered, Hardened, and Lapped Gears are also available. The helical teeth gears fabricated from graded steel casting/forgings.
  • Worm : Made from EN-8/9, EN-19, EN-24, EN-41B material. Hollow with double flight and snug fit in hollow spindle.
  • Eutectic hard surfacing, duly profile ground
  • Hardened, tempered and ground
  • Gas Nitride, profile ground
Sleeve Available In
  • EN-8/9 hardened, tempered and ground
  • Alloy chilled C.I. Material
  • Gas Nitride
Note : Sleeves fitted in sleeve-body with water cooling jacket
Sleeve Body
  • Graded steel casting
L.D. Ratio
  • 1:4.5 with variable depth and variable flight for compression of extruded material
Feed Zone
  • Graded C.I. Casting with undercut to receive material conveniently
  • Scope of fitting segregate sleeve with water cooling jacket is provided
  • 1" worm dia. to 8" worm dia.
  • Extruder 10"/12" worm dia. under designing
Used In
  • Profiles
  • Flaps
  • Pipe
  • Tread-rubber
  • Cycle-auto tubes