Anant Engineering Works

Rubber Recycling Machine

We Manufacture, Export, and Supply highly efficient Rubber Recycling Machine. The Rubber Recycling Machines manufactured by us are widely demanded in the national and international markets. We have designed and developed first Cracker & Grinder in 1981 and then set up a complete Crumbing/Reclamation plant in 1983. Our user-friendly and extra heavy-duty Crackers & Grinders mills of India are available in the Double Bull Gear Drive Models.

Salient Features :
  • Graded steel casting bull gears
  • Rigid steel casting frame
  • Sophisticatedly designed precise machined fluting of rolls as per the need
  • Graded Steel Casting gears and pinion of reduction gear-boxes to endure the heavy load
  • Reduction of roll wobblersΓ’€™ size at times results in cracking of rolls that ensures collection. It does not need smaller diameter pinion. Friction ratios as high as 3:1 are easily available
  • Re-teething and repeated turning or replacement of connecting gears are completely eliminated with every re grooving/ fluting of rolls
  • Friction gear does not remain compatible due to which the requirement of discarding rolls after reduction is not needed. This allows optimum utilization of the rolls without changing in the transmission or in mills.

Range :
  • Cracker & Grinders of 12Γ’€x10Γ’€x17, 14Γ’€x14Γ’€x18Γ’€, 16Γ’€x16Γ’€x24Γ’€, 18Γ’€x18Γ’€x30Γ’€, 24Γ’€x24Γ’€x36Γ’€, sizes are available as per the order that with their recirculation systems having vibratory sieves.
  • High-speed, Accurate, high friction, Refiner Mills in sizes : 15Γ’€x17Γ’€x24Γ’€, 14Γ’€x16Γ’€x36Γ’€, 16Γ’€x18Γ’€x42Γ’€, 22Γ’€x18Γ’€x30Γ’€, 21Γ’€x24Γ’€x36Γ’€ are available.