Anant Engineering Works

Rubber Strainer

We provide Rubber Strainer that is used in various profiles, pipes, tread-rubber, cycle-auto tubes, flaps, and so forth. We have successfully designed and developed more than six thousand Strainers through which we have easily met the requirements of national and international clients.

  • Straining Head : TWIN straining heads type arrangement allows instant replacement of straining head if one head gets clogged. This reduces the production loss.
  • Gear Box : Graded C.I. Casting housing for various sizes have hollow output spindles. These Spindles are located in two heavy-duty ball bearings, one spherical roller thrust bearing, and three pieces thrust bearing that allows pre loading of the main bearing.
  • Gears : Tempered, Hardened, and Lapped Gears are also available. The helical teeth gears fabricated from graded steel casting/forgings.
  • Worm : Made from EN-8/9, EN-19, EN-24, EN-41B material. Hollow with double flight and snug fit in hollow spindle.
  • Hardened, tempered and ground
  • Gas Nitride, profile ground
  • Eutectic hard surfacing, duly profile ground
Sleeve Available In
  • Alloy chilled C.I. Material
  • EN-8/9 hardened, tempered and ground
  • Gas Nitride
Note : Sleeves fitted in sleeve-body with water cooling jacket
Sleeve Body
  • Graded steel casting
L.D. Ratio
  • 1:4.5 with variable depth and variable flight for compression of extruded material
Feed Zone
  • Graded C.I. Casting with undercut to receive material conveniently
  • Scope of fitting segregate sleeve with water cooling jacket is provided
  • 1" worm dia. to 8" worm dia.
  • Extruder 10"/12" worm dia. under designing